The ubiquity of cat images on all social media makes cats as content almost a zero degree of photography in the 21st Century. It is maybe for the first time in the history of the representation that the gap between the referent and the reference shrinks, where the image of the cat is not perceived as a cat, but consciously is the image of a cat. Working in collaboration for this installation, Achim Valbracht and me have placed inkjet printed transparencies consisting of Google Search results for "cat" in old microfilm viewers, combining an anachronic search interface with a content which references 21st Century phenomenon. The resulting installation reminds of always failed attempts in science-fiction films to envision the future. The inkjet prints, the latest in digital printing technology, are revealed as low-res dot compositions, when magnified up to 60 times with half a century old technology. It is as if anachronism of the apparatus would reveal the obsoleteness of photographic print itself.
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